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writing / production.

composer / producer / audio engineer.

Ethan is a composer, songwriter, record producer and audio engineer.

He has collaborated with a diverse range of artists including Desmond Child, Becky G, Miranda Cosgrove, Andreas Carlsson, Lindsey Lohan, JC Chasez (’N Sync), The Click Five, Bryce Fox, Adam Levy (Norah Jones), Jon Kaplan (Gavin Degraw, Parachute), Atomic Tom (Republic), M-Three (Top 5 hit single in Japan), Some & Any, Jesse Terry, Lindsay Ray, Rana Mansour, OLWIK, Boh Doran, Nina Lee, Addie Hamilton, Ryan Wright.

His work has been featured in films and TV shows including Daybreak, Shameless, Bad Night, Yours, Mine & Ours, Igor, Bigger Fatter Liar, Power Rangers, Sydney White, Taking 5, John Tucker Must Die, Hey Fibi. 

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Ethan has composed original music and/or sonic branding for Toyota, Hyundai, Kia, Ford, Jim Beam, Peroni, Google, Target, Walmart, Telus, Shaw Cable, Olay, Smucker's, First Response, Herbalife, Visa, Chase Bank, Rogers Unison, Pangiam, Government of Canada, U.S Customs and Border Protection, and more. Some of his work can be heard below:

Peroni Live Every Moment
Toyota "Axe To Grind"
Hyundai Elantra
KIA Milestones 2022
Milk-Bone Wonder Bones
No Escape


Contact for Composing, Producing and Mixing services and rates.


Additionally, Ethan is available for one-on-one Production and/or Mixing  lessons via Zoom, GoogleMeet, or Skype with real-time audio-streaming, feedback and guidance. Bring a mix or production you are working on to learn the tools and solutions that will make your productions and mixes jump out of the speakers as you imagine them to.



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Musician, producer and engineer Ethan Mentzer grew up around a lot of music in Pennsylvania: his parents played records, his multi-instrumentalist sister became a music teacher and his neighbors had a house filled with guitars, keyboards and drums. At the age of 3, his grandfather gave him a toy guitar that he couldn’t put down until taking up the trombone, piano and more at age 9. As a teenager, Mentzer was a drum major in the high school marching band, founded a punk band and played bass for a gospel group at church.

Mentzer moved to Boston at the age of 19 to attend Berklee College Of Music where he went on to receive his Bachelor’s Degree in Music Production and Engineering. At Berklee he met who would become his co-founding bandmates in The Click Five (Lava/Atlantic). In 2003 he befriended producer Mike Denneen (Fountains Of Wayne, Aimee Mann, Howie Day) and got a real world education while making many records under him.  

The Click Five released two albums on Lava/Atlantic Records — “Greetings from Imrie House” (2005) and “Modern Minds and Pastimes” (2007) — with combined worldwide sales of over 2 million, three gold records and eight different #1 singles in seven countries (including a #1 song on the US iTunes chart). The band performed in over 15 countries and in 2008 made history in Cambodia, performing the first rock concert ever held at Angkor Wat Temple (co-headlining with Placebo).

In 2009 Mentzer moved to Brooklyn, NY where he started his own project studio, befriended DC-area songwriter/musician Todd Wright (Celine Dion, Cazzette) and began playing in Miranda Cosgrove’s (Nickelodeon’s iCarly) band.


He has also composed music for film and TV including Daybreak, Shameless, Cruel Summer, Siesta Key, Lucky Bastards, Bad Night, Yours, Mine & Ours, Igor, Bigger Fatter Liar, Power Rangers, Sydney White, Taking 5, John Tucker Must Die, Hey Fibi.

Mentzer currently lives in Philadelphia with his wife and greyhound.



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